Muvizu is a fun, easy to use 3D animation tool. It aims to engage and inspire children, young adults and teachers in a world of creative story-telling.

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Muvizu in Education


For students

An intuitive introduction to the complex world of animated movie making.

  • Story boarding

    Produce creative work

    Everyone’s vision is different. Muvizu lets you express yourself in your own individual way.

  • Camera set-up

    Explore ideas

    It’s so easy to change things in Muvizu that you can experiment and try things out until you create your perfect scene.

  • Story boarding

    Record your experiences

    Muvizu makes movies! A perfect medium to record your progress and then share your final movie.

  • Previsualisation

    Learn digital art

    3D is everywhere. Muvizu is an introduction to the creative process that shapes most of our TV and films.

For teachers

An ideal, affordable tool to achieve your desired learning outcomes, in an enjoyable way.

  • Evaluate creative work

    Evaluate creative work

    Muvizu projects are easy to play through and assess, even before you ever output a movie.

  • Guide progress

    Guide progress

    Movie making in Muvizu is structured and sequential, making it easy to progress through known creative steps.

  • Adaptable to ability

    Adaptable to ability

    There are many ways to successfully use Muvizu. Advanced features can be introduced as students’ progress.

  • Technical and creative

    Technical and creative

    Muvizu pushes the students to increase their imaginative expression and also their computer skills.

Educational packs

Muvizu encourages students to create, invent and experiment in real time.

We already have a big library of general content available to draw on to tell your story. In response to requests from schools, colleges and universities we will continue to add carefully designed educational content to it! All content will be structured specifically to enable, enhance and harness the potential of budding artists.

There will be two themes to the educational packs: Support for curriculum subject areas, and Interesting historical or cultural periods. All educational content packs will include clothing for characters, objects and accessories, textures, an environment plus all sorts of other components to create a complete scene, e.g., building parts, trees etc.


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